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Must be Tuesday: Core Rulebook


A Light Tabletop RPG about monsters, teenagers, and the sliding scale between them.

Product Description

Must Be Tuesday is a light RPG that recreates the tone and plots of high school “Monster of the Week” television, particularly early Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Players take the role of high school students facing off against the forces of darkness besieging their school. The catch, however, is that the players themselves are also monsters, with their supernatural half constantly vying for control. Players must learn to effectively balance¬† their lives, or face the possibility that their high school diploma will be posthumous!


The game uses a unique combination of d6 dice pools, a character slider, and a simple, straightforward system of character traits, items, weaknesses and desires to create and resolve character-driven conflicts. Character creation takes just a few minutes and the game can be run with little prep-time thanks to the plot generator included in the book. The game can cover a wide variety of challenges, be it researching the diet of the strange blob monster, chanting a curse under the bleachers to bewitch the cheerleaders, or fighting off demons, vampires, and robots.


This 30 page PDF includes the basic rules and character creation, rules for combat, magic and research mechanics, 20 monster profiles to use for PCs and bad guys alike, a GM section, and a system for generating episodic sessions using a five-act structure. Full colour and fully illustrated, it contains everything you need to run the game in compact form.

Key Features

  • 30 Page PDF, Full Colour Illustration!
  • Monsters galore! Choose from 20 pre made monsters, or create your own!
  • Contains printable character sheet.